Army Of The Ohio
***** New Army Of The Ohio Field Staff elected for 2020!!!! ***** Pursuit of Floyd III Cancelled!!!!


Executive Staff
Field Staff
Joe McMahan, Executive Officer
Colonel Scott Sharp, Commanding Officer
Dave Azbell, Treasurer
Lieutenant Colonel Mike Lavis, Wing Commander
John Goloski, Secretary
Major John Goloski, Wing Commander
First Lieutenant Dave Azbell, Adjutant
First Lieutenant Bruce Grashel, Quartermaster
Sergeant Major Jeff Houston


Member Units
1st OLA 5th OVI 14th OVI 21st OVI
29th OVI 30th OVI 33rd NYVI 41st OVI
49th NYVI 51st OVI 82nd OVI 91st OVI
136th NYVI 140th NYVI 148th NYVI 155th NYVI  

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